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About anka EK

anka EK Studio is a Creative and Entertainment division of anka EK. We breathe life into stories using animation, motion graphics and live-action. With a creative and hardworking team, we create amazing, boundary pushing works of art. We believe in nurturing talent and letting them flourish and to that effect, we’ve cultivated a collaborative and learning atmosphere where everyone can bounce their ideas and take ownership of the final output.

The social aspect of art cannot be ignored, be it raising awareness, serving as inspiration or being a vehicle to bring us closer together - anka EK Studio contributes towards that goal with the anka EK Inspired initiative.

We come up with magnificent and refined concepts that just click and we execute them with ferocious passion and meticulous care.

Our Latest Projects
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Our team works on a wide variety of web design & development projects every day. We deliver quality solutions for your websites that are based on our boundless creativity and your needs.