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Press Release

Orange Ludo Makes A Splash On Holi

Location, Kathmandu - Sunday, March 28, 2021 - anka EK proudly launched it’s long awaited Orange Ludo (OL) app on the auspicious occasion of Holi. The beta version, specifically, Celebrity Holi Edition of the Orange Ludo app was made available to only a select few people: Celebrities; Dignitaries; Social Media Influencers; Business, Political and Social Leaders; Social Activists; and Family and Friends. anka EK will announce the timing availability of the OL app for everyone to enjoy on the Nepali New Year.   

Orange Ludo attempts to revitalize the familiar board game of Ludo. Players can play the classic game of Ludo with a maximum of 4 players. They can choose to either play online, with bots or use a single device to play locally. The players can set up their profile, add friends and create lobbies to invite people to games. Players can also communicate with each other through text or voice chat. Orange Ludo also brings with it the option to flirt while playing where users can set their gender preferences and match with potential romantic interests for a game of ludo. Another feature of Orange Ludo that sets it apart from competitors is that it tracks ingame progress graphically and also the overall stats of the player.

But that’s not all, Orange Ludo boasts a unique player levelling system and a dynamic wager system, a social community for the players, a feature rich marketplace, and ever expanding set of features that are yet to come !!!

About anka EK:
anka EK is a start-up Information Technology based company headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the motto of “INFORMATION INNOVATION & REVOLUTION.” anka EK takes pride in placing itself at the confluence of Art, Technology, and Education in providing Digital Solutions with the current innovative information Technologies complemented with the artistic flair and aesthetics to inspire further innovations.

Orange Ludo is the first game app released by the company. In addition to game development, anka EK has many other initiatives such as video production, animation and general application development.