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Privacy Policy


Welcome to the Orange Privacy Policies Page, first of all, the admin panel would like to thank all of you for showing interest in our Orange Ludo game, we appreciate it a lot. We encourage our customers to read our Privacy Policies before using our Orange Ludo so that they have a clear understanding of the way we operate.

About Us

Orange Ludo is developed by anka EK Pvt. Ltd along with its sister company Avigyaa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. These companies are based in Kathmandu, Nepal as of October 11, 2020. The physical address of these companies may differ in the upcoming period.

How to contact us?

If you have any queries on our data policies and practices, any complaints or concerns, you can contact us at [email protected] or send a letter to the address provided at the bottom of this page.

What kind of information do we collect?

We will collect personal information when any individual plays the Orange Ludo game. The personal information includes information you provide to us while registering in the Orange Ludo app along with the information generated when you use it. If you sign in using your social media account or Google account, we will receive your information which includes your name, email address, age, gender, profile picture, contact etc. (More Information…)

How do we use your personal information?

We use personal information to analyze your app usage and respond to your queries about the game. In addition to that, we sometimes use your information to send you promotional emails, show you targeted ads in our game. You can choose to stop receiving them by changing the default browser or device settings. (More Information...)

Who do we share your personal information with?

We share your information for third party support service which includes game servers, security audit companies and various social media platforms.  We also collaborate with our advertising partners to show you various ads. Additionally, we share your information as required by the law. (More Information…)

Your Rights

You have the rights to receive a copy of your data, delete your information in the app or restrict information processing along with the right to object to the use of your information for various purposes including tailored made advertisements.

Privacy Policies Updates

If there are any changes or updates made to the privacy policies, they will be displayed under this section. If there is a major change or update, we will notify you via our app or website.


In this Policy, “we” or “us” refer to anka EK Pvt. Ltd. along with its sister company Avigyaa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. which is registered in Nepal with their offices located at Setopul, Rudreshwor Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu. We are the data controller under the applicable privacy laws. “Information” in this policy refers to the information related to an identifiable or identified individual. This includes any information related to the use of Orange Ludo. When you use the Orange Ludo app, you accept our privacy policies along with rules, terms and conditions. They determine how we handle your information and make you understand how we collect, process and store information. If you have any problem with this policy or disagree with it, you must stop playing Orange Ludo game and exercise your rights in relation to your information in the app.

1. What kind of Personal Information do we collect?

We will collect and use your following information:
  • Registration Information

    When you first open up our app, you will be asked to register in our Orange Network. Orange Network here refers to the network which consists of information about individuals who are already registered in the app. You will be asked to provide your first name, last name, email address, a unique username and password at the registration process.
  • Information provided by you when using our Orange Ludo game

    If you choose to invite your friends to play an Orange Ludo game via third party social media platforms, we will gather the information of your friends that have been provided in the media that you and your friend have used. Please be sure that you have permission from your friends before sharing any of their information with us.
  • Information that we collect over various surveys.

    We may conduct various surveys from time to time regarding the performance of our app and its ease of use. We might ask questions about your opinions, hobbies, interests etc and what additional features you would like in our software application. In addition, we also collect ratings, queries, images and responses associated with the survey.
  • Information generated when you play Orange Ludo

    ▪ Identifiers We collect identifiers such as your IP address, device and app ID, unique username, and location data along with your device information (such as model, brand and operating system). We also collect location data for an enhanced game functionality
    ▪ Generated Information while playing/using Orange Ludo App Your chat information, call history etc will be collected by us. In addition to that, we will collect your additional information including nationality, language preferences, ethnicity, age, sexuality, gender, picture, hobbies and interests etc.
    ▪ Information related to your use of Orange Ludo Game We will collect date and time stamps of game events, transaction statements, advertisement engagements, evidence of you using any suspicious or modified version of our app.
  • Information received from third parties

    ▪ Information received during registration process when you register through third party accounts (Facebook, Google), we might receive your third party ID, name, profile picture, location data, DOB, contact information etc. In addition, if you give permission to us, we might also collect your friend lists.
    ▪ Information Collected from Advertising Partners We get information from our advertising partners which include information of your interactions with ads shown on Orange Ludo.
  • Third Party Link Sites

    Orange Ludo might contain links to third party sites which we don’t operate. Hence, we advise you to read the Privacy Policy of these sites thoroughly. We have given a list of policies associated with Unity, Google and Facebook in the below section for additional information purposes. Note that they are not our own policies and we are not responsible for them in any way.
  • Unity Privacy Policy
  • Google Privacy Policy
  • Facebook's Privacy Policy
  • Google information usage from Orange Ludo Game
  • Stop targeted ads by Google
  • Children’s Policies

    This game consists of a Flirt While Playing (FWP) Section which is only allowed to be used by individuals 18 years age or older. We advise minors under the age of 18 to banishments from the game itself. The time period of the banishment will be decided by us according to the severity of your actions. For other sections, we strongly advise parents to guide their children under the age of 13 while using this game. We identify any user below the age of 13 to be a child. In EU countries, we consider users under the age of 16 to be children.
  • How do we use your Information?

    We use your information for the following:
    ▪ Allow you to use our Game We will fulfill our contract obligation and allow you to create an account to play Orange Ludo, remember your progress in the game and purchase items via Google Play.
    ▪ Monitor and Improve Game Functionality and Data Usage We collect information that is automatically generated when you play the game. This includes information about battery, mobile device model, device version, free space in mobile, Wi-fi/ Data strength etc.
    ▪ Respond to your queries and complaints We will use information to respond to for support purposes, for e.g. we will assist you to change/retrieve password. In addition to that, we will listen to your queries and complaints of dm information to take severe actions against the perpetrator.
    ▪ Conduct Surveys We will conduct surveys from time to time to improve customer satisfaction. If you participate in these surveys, we will collect that information for further analytical processing.
    ▪ Advertisements We will use the information provided by you to create target ads for you. If you wish to stop receiving them, you can change the settings in your mobile device and browser.
  • Who do we share your Information with?

    We share information with the following:
    ▪ Social Media We integrate Facebook and Google software for registration, gameplay etc.
    ▪ Our Advertising Partners We provide certain information to our advertising partners to create a targeted ad for you.
    ▪ Payment Partners We rely on third parties to process in-app purchases. We share in app purchase information with these parties.
    ▪ Security Partners We have a security partner to ensure that your data is well protected from any form of piracy.
    ▪ Law Enforcement Agencies If we are legally required to disclose your information, we will share your information with law enforcement agencies.
    ▪ Change of Ownership If we are involved in an acquisition, merger, partnership, reorganization, asset sale, bankruptcy or other transaction, we might disclose your information as part of that transaction.
  • How long is your data stored with us?

    Your information will remain with us as long as you are registered with us. If you choose to deactivate your account, your information will be deleted after a certain period of time. We will make sure that once we delete your data, it will be untraceable and unrecoverable.
  • Security Measures We have a security partner to ensure that your data is well protected from any form of piracy. We make sure to protect your information from unauthorized access at the server level.
  • Your Rights
  • You have the rights to receive a copy of your data, delete your information in the app or restrict information processing along with the right to object to the use of your information for various purposes including tailored made advertisements.
    ▪ Accessibility You have the right to access your own information and get a detailed explanation of how we use and share it. You can’t however access any data of other individuals.
    ▪ Erasure You have the right to request your information erasure in our app. We might restrict certain information erasure though. The restricted permissions may apply for data protection laws or any valid grounds that we may see fit.
    ▪ Withdraw Consent You have the right to withdraw consent to any previously consented information.
    ▪ Objection of Use You can object to receiving targeted advertisements and marketing emails.
    ▪ Correction You have the right to correct any of your inaccurate information.
  • Contact Us
    You can contact us if you have any queries and complaints related to our Privacy Policies. We have provided our company information in the below section.
    ● Address: Setopul, Rudreshwor Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal
    ● Postal Code: 44600
    ● Contact Number: +977 1 4475001
    ● Email: [email protected]
  • Last modified 03 January 2021